Video Pass Appears to be Sony’s Latest Incentive for PS Plus Subscribers

With the runaway success and appeal of their nearest competitor Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service, it was inevitable that talk would turn as to how (if at all) Sony would react and counter such a program, via their own form of a subscription-based drip-feed of access to the latest games on the market. Well it looks as if Sony may be ready to expand the benefits of PlayStation Plus. But perhaps not in the way people are expecting. In the last couple of days, promotional imagery has surfaced, indicating the presence of what’s been dubbed Video Pass — PlayStation’s latest incentive to those already subscribed to the platform’s service.

According to screens uploaded to PlayStation’s official Polish website, while specific details on Video Pass’ nature are unknown, its brief synopsis points to the program being “a trial service active 22/04/21 – 22/04/22.”. Indicating that this not yet a fully-fledged and permanent staple to PlayStation Plus, though we should expect some form of official announcement tomorrow if the dates mentioned are anything to go by. It wouldn’t be the first additional benefit introduced during the PS5’s life-time. It was back in September of last year that Sony announced the PlayStation Plus Collection whereby subscribers would gain access to a collection of some of the PS4’s highly-rated and more popular releases during its roughly seven-year life-span as Sony’s main home console.