Were the Lucas and Roy amiibo Teased?

While written under the topic of a rumor, it’s no rumor that Lucas will eventually be turned into an amiibo at some point with a release date of sometime next year.  Hopefully, with the release of the recent investor photo from Nintendo, Lucas will arrive next year with Roy, another favorite among Smash fans.  While there is no actual proof that these amiibos exist just yet, Nintendo’s investor photo clearly has the Lucas amiibo smack-dab in the center and what looks to either be a strangely positioned Marth amiibo or the all new Roy amiibo.

Twitter user AmiiboAlerts points out the amiibos in the photo in a tweet pictured below:

To debunk the mystery, it’s pretty clear that the amiibo is not Roy.  I mean, even the hair is clearly blue as opposed to Roy’s red hair.  While Lucas is clearly shown, Roy seems to look more and more like Marth the longer you look at him.  The armor patterns don’t match Roy’s and, if you look closely, other amiibos appear in the photo several times which pretty much proves that a few fans got ahead of themselves a little too early.

It’d be great to have Roy in the photo to be that much closer to being a tangible amiibo, but for now, we’ll have to wait.