Run and Punch and Never Stop in Super Meat Boy Forever Launch Date Trailer

Super Meat Boy had a nice long down-time after taking out Professor Fetus in his first game but that’s just about over.  After settling down with Bandage Girl and having a baby, Meat Boy seemed pretty happy with his life until Professor Fetus decided that it had been more than long enough.  He kidnaps baby Nugget from a happy family picnic, instantly setting off a chase to get the baby back.  Neither Meat Boy nor Bandage Girl are sitting still for this so they run and punch their way through a huge series of randomized levels in a game that’s the true sequel to Super Meat Boy despite being an auto-runner.  The controls may be simple but provide a huge amount of flexibility in attacking the levels, which are made up of hand-designed sections strung together in a random order.  Super Meat Boy Forever has been in development for a couple of years now but finally got a launch window of April, plus a shiny new trailer to make the announcement special.

It’s also worth noting, though, that while Super Meat Boy Forever is going to be on every console (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) the PC version is exclusive to Epic’s new storefront for a year.  There’s been a fair bit of drama about it but seeing as the Epic downloader is free and the game is hitting Steam eventually it feels very much like a garden-variety videogaming tempest in a teapot.  It’s coming in a few months and, if not immediately available on one’s storefront of choice, it will get there eventually.