Rune Factory Ships 200,000, is a Success

It’s pretty amazing that a relatively niche series has managed to ship over 200,000 copies since its release. That’s right, folks, Marvelous announced today that their farming-dungeon crawl hybrid, Rune Factory 4, has crossed the threshold of shipping a fifth of a million copies in Japan. This number clearly doesn’t account for the numbers it put up in Europe and North America, but what we know for sure is that this figure includes both retail and downloaded versions of the title.

This is significant for a franchise that has remained relatively under the radar. When it was released last fall, we reviewed it favorably, and then even reported on publisher XSEED’s inability to keep store shelves stocked with copies of the game. Thus, we’re very interested in knowing the global impact RF4 has made. This all, however, is somewhat sad seeing as the game’s developer, Neverland, closed up shop some months ago; would have been nice for them to see, as a team, the fruits of their labor.

Here’s hoping that this news simply means more of Rune Factory in the future. We’d love to get a little next-gen love happening, with a release on PS4 or even Wii U; although another 3DS, or even Vita, entry seems more realistic for the time being — we’ll take it all the same.

Thanks, Siliconera!