Sabotage Studio Unveil Turn-Based RPG Sea of Stars, Kickstarter Also Launched

Sabotage Studio — the creators of 2018’s fantastic action-platformer The Messenger — are back with their anticipated follow-up in the form of Sea of Stars. Stylized as an overhead, turn-based RPG, Sabotage’s focus this time turns to an entirely different corner of what the developer hopes will be an interconnected Universe of sorts. Describing this as a tale set hundreds of thousands of years before the events of the studio’s debut title. Centered around dual main protagonists Valere and Zale — described as fated Solstice Warriors whom can wield the power of Sun and Moon energy — Sea of Stars’ gameplay attempts to build on the tradition of turn-based combat prior. Offering a strategic twist that prioritizes careful decision-making in nullifying enemy attacks, as it is clearing out set arenas of hostiles.

Needless to say, Sabotage’s vibrant artistic design is on show once more in a tale that — while still lighthearted in parts — aims to take things in a touch more darker direction this time round. On top of today’s reveal, Sabotage also confirm that the game also has a tie-in Kickstarter which you can check out here. The game is still in early development and as a result, it’ll be some time before we seen even a glimpse of a potential date as to when fans can get their hands on what is shaping up to be another unique spin on a classic genre staple. Check out the debut trailer below to get a look at Sabotage’s latest.

Sea of Stars is planned to release across PC and consoles, sometime in 2022.

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