Sakura Wars Reboot Gets a Release Date, New Story Trailer

The next Sakura Wars game finally has its release date. Fans will be able to start the show as soon as April 28 rolls around. This entry is serving as a soft reboot for the series, so those interested in giving it a try won’t have to worry about catching up on events from prior games. Sega accompanied the release date announcement with a new trailer introducing the world the characters players will be commanding as Captain Seijuro Kamiyama; check it out below.

Sakura Wars takes place in a steampunk version of Taisho-era Japan, complete with monsters, mechs  and mech-pilots who fight them. Captain Kamiyama serves as the head of the unit responsible for combating these threats: the Imperial Combat Revue. It’ll be his job to get this group of brash young women ready to successfully engage the enemy and deliver a knock-out performance on stage (for some reason). How he chooses to deal with the individual members will be vital to their success, since the game’s “LIPS” system ensures that his words will have weight both on stage and on the battlefield.

Sakura Wars launches for PlayStation 4 on April 28. It’ll be available digitally as well as physically, with the physical version featuring a reversible cover and sticker sheet.

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