Samurai Shodown Prepares for Next-Gen Launch on Xbox Series S/X this Winter

We have covered the 2018 Samurai Shodown reboot since its launch in 2018 to its release last year on the Switch. Now, after years of polish and rave reviews, the highly-regarded weapons-based fighter is set for release on the Xbox One Series S and Series X this winter. After an 11 year absence, the series returned with a vengeance and delivered the same kind of fast-paced fighting that made it stand out in the early to mid-’90s in arcades. Now, the series is set to make its console 4K debut on the Xbox Series X, with higher-fidelity visuals and a boost in clarity that makes the artistic violence more beautiful than ever before. We’ll be keeping an eye on this next-gen launch as it draws ever closer.

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