Samurai Shodown Reboot Coming to Steam in June

2019’s reboot of Samurai Shodown brought the series back to prominence with not only its first release in many years, but also a well-crafted game that took what worked about the original 2D games and translated that into a side-view fighter. It was arguably the best-playing entry in the series yet, and multiple seasons’ worth of extra content have turned it into the biggest entry in the series history as well. After a release on the Epic Games Store last year, the game will finally be hitting Steam on June 14 – as per an SNK announcement.

Since the game’s initial release on the Xbox One and PS4, we’ve seen it get a Switch release as well as a revamped Xbox Series S/Series X release with an increase in visual fidelity and framerate. It’s a fantastic game and one of the best weapons-based fighters ever made – and a must play for new or lapsed fans of the series.