Samurai Warriors 4-II Screenshots Preview Costume DLC Pack

The oddly named Samurai Warriors 4-II just received a new batch of screenshots that shows off some of the female warriors in more leisurely apparel. Ahead of the game’s February 11 release date in Japan, it would seem that everything in the actual game that needed to be previewed has already been previewed and they are moving ahead to the DLC.

The DLC showcased is the Special Costume 2 DLC. The Warriors series of games has always been a great deal of beat ’em up fun, but what if you need some extra push to get you into the newest game? What if you want to play as a sexy pilot, or a sexy doctor, or a sexy…uh…lingerie model? Or a sexy cat thing wearing what looks like two catcher’s mitts? Well, this DLC has you covered and then some. The ugly costumes are presumably included in Special Costume 3 DLC where you can expect the “weird, misshapen baby carrot at the bottom of the bag that no one wants to eat” and “unvaccinated measles patient” costumes. Possibly. Hey, a man can dream, can’t he?

Check out the gallery below for all the DLC costume goodness you can handle, each setting you back 191 yen, or 2000 yen for the full package. There is still no confirmed date for a North American or European release just yet.