Save the World with Puzzle-Platforming in Seed of Life

Madlight Studio and Leonardo Interactive have a new game on the horizon, a puzzle-platformer called Seed of Life. For reasons unknown, aliens have brought Cora’s planet to the brink of utter collapse. The world has been altered, and the survivors won’t last long if something isn’t done. Hope still exists in  the form of a powerful artifact known as the Seed of Life though. If her world is going to have a future, Cora must find the seed and activate it before the damage becomes irreversible.

Seed of Life will supposedly focus-heavily on its story and puzzle-platforming gameplay. As Cora, players will hunt down resources to upgrade their abilities, making them better able to combat the strange alien creatures and eventually activate the Seed of Life.  Madlight Studios cites Tomb Raider, Journey and Ori and the Will of the Wisps as inspirations, so players should expect to see similar elements here.

Seed of Life launches for PC in 2021.