Savior Brings Beautifully Animated Pixel-Art Adventure to Kickstarter

The world up top is a faith-based nightmare but in the depths where the castaways live is a technological paradise.  Or at least it was getting there until things went wrong, and now the outsider Sam may be the only one who can resolve the situation.  While technically she may save the world with combat skills, slick parkour moves, and the occasional dance-off, her real power is in the pixel-art animation that breathes life into every action.  The highly reactive staff fights, where she can take on two opponents at once with a combination of front and rear attacks, or the smooth application of foot to the face of a giant to spring onto a high ledge, all speak to a hero who evolved from the Prince of Persia mold.

Savior is a semi-open-world action adventure in a fantasy world where fighting isn’t the only way to win.  Conversational skills come into play with the NPCs, but there will also be options to win them over with a good reputation, or bribing them with food.  Mostly it’s fighting and parkour, though, with a bit of encounter-based creativity for when you want to gain an intimidation advantage with slick staff moves.  With animation as incredible as has been shown it would be shame not to use it, after all.

Savior launched its Kickstarter today, complete with a launch trailer that goes a bit more into the story than the previous reveal trailer.  Give it a look, and then head on over to Savior’s Kickstarter campaign page and see if it’s something you’d like to help come to life.