Say ‘No’ More in Say No! More

In a world where everyone expects to hear “yes” all the time, it can be hard to say “no.” Fortunately, Say No! More is its way. Step into the shoes of an oft-bullied intern who finally finds it within themselves to say “no” to all the tedious tasks foisted onto them by arrogant coworkers. As it turns out, “no” can be a very powerful force in the office.

As the name implies, saying “no!” serves as the core of Say No! More. It starts with the intern finding the “Say No! More” self-help tape, they gain the ability to say no to people. As they find more cassette tapes containing motivational songs, tips from “The Coach” and advice from “The No!-Expert,” their no-powers will grow until they confront the top ranking members of the company’s leadership. Indeed, saying “yes” can be helpful, but sometimes a good “no” is what’s really needed.

Say No! More launches for PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS in Summer 2020.