Scalebound Details Possibly Coming Soon Thanks to New Trademark

Despite being one of Xbox One’s most tantalizing and sought-after exclusives, not much has been said about Scalebound. Even it’s reveal earlier this year didn’t show any kind of gameplay, only a slick trailer that showed swords, dragons and, of course, headphones. However, it would seem that we might be on the cusp of some details finally dropping about Platinum Games’ next title. While this bit of news doesn’t include any kinds of real information, it is nevertheless interesting to those who’ve been following the game.

Just yesterday, Microsoft finally registered Scalebound’s trademark. It’s rather strange that the filing is just showing up, since it was apparently filed back in May in South Africa but just submitted for the US yesterday, according to the documentation revealed. From the document, it would indicate that Scalebound will have some kind of online component, as the trademark not only includes class 9 (games), but also class 41 (online games).

Whether this means we’ll get some details about Kamiya’s forthcoming title next month, in January, or some time in early 2015 still remains to be seen. But consider us eager; with Platinum’s fantastic track record, we’re expecting Scalebound to be a top-notch exclusive. Keep an ear to the ground for more information as it comes in.

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