Scarlet Nexus Meets Tales of Arise Via New Crossover Content

Today, both Scarlet Nexus and Tales of Arise received a free update adding some new gear to both games. It’s mostly cosmetics, but now fans can make their heroes better resemble characters from either game. Starting with Scarlet Nexus, fans can equip Yugito with the Blazing Sword and other characters with the Owlet Doll and the Broken Iron Mask. Battle can also be spiced-up a bit with some Tales of Arise background music.

In Tales of Arise, Alphen can unleash the power of the Myoho Muramasa Replica, and other characters can try on the Handmade Hair Clip Replica and the Baki. There’s also some Scarlet Nexus battle music now available in the game as well. See it all in action in the trailer below.

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