Sci-fi Adventure Sable Pushed Back to 2020

With its cel-shaded visuals and notable use of thick black lines to distinguish its many shades of flat-color deserts, developer Shedworks’ Sable very quickly caught our eye when we saw our first teaser of gameplay at last year’s E3. But while we were hopeful that the game would release sometime this year, it looks like we may be waiting a bit longer to see how this new desert adventure will turn out.

Shedworks themselves today confirmed that more time was needed to finish the game, stating that the game as a result has been pushed back to sometime in 2020. “We’ve now been working on the game full time since October 2017,” the team explained. “We initially thought the game would take us around two years to develop. It was an extremely rough estimate and for us to fully realise the game we want to make, we now think we need a bit more time. It was always going to be tight getting the game out in 2019 so now we’ve made the decision to take more time with the game and aim for release in 2020.”

If you need a reminder on Sable’s intriguing direction in aesthetic and artistic design, check out the game’s E3 2018 trailer below courtesy of Raw Fury who will be publishing the game. Sable is planned for launch on Xbox One & PC.