ScourgeBringer Reveals Early Access Release Date

This past weekend saw a free open Alpha for ScourgeBringer, a roguelike 2D platformer from Flying Oak Games that prides itself on incredibly fast action. Indeed, the first level we played in it was filled with some absolutely intense stuff, with Khyra’s journey to explore the unknown that’s plagued her world providing us with a ton of slashing, dashing, and shooting that was insanely fun. This was said to be the last Alpha before the game would enter Early Access soon, though, and sure enough, today saw the announcement of the game’s Early Access release date. As seen in the trailer below, ScourgeBringer will begin the next phase in the beginning of February.

According to the developers, the Early Access release will include an entirely new world, the beginning of the game’s story cinematics, tutorial levels, and other general improvements. And of course, several other updates with new additions as time progresses. It’s unknown just how much from the short clip here will be in there at day one, but if even a portion of those boss battles and lightning-quick combat in general make it in, we should be more than fine. ScourgeBringer will enter Steam Early Access on February 6, as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC.