Screenshot Saturday Featuring Wytchwood, Astria Ascending, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we find impressive peeks at upcoming games shared by developers, publishers and more via the #screenshotsaturday tag, then gather up some of the most promising ones into one appetizing little platter!

And now with the into out of the way, it’s hard to say this, but…Screenshot Saturday will be going on an indefinite hiatus soon.

I know, it’s hard to hear, and it’s not a decision me or anyone else here at HG makes lightly. There are actually a number of factors that went into this, both current and that have been on my mind for a while now. I’ve been afraid of this feature getting too repetitive via my writing and game selection, there’s the Apple Arcade Roundup column to write for now that requires more work, the creative block that I’ve had for a about a month or so (as evidence by the massive gap in between editions), mental and physical health concerns, the potential for tweets to fail to embed after a while that hinders viewing, the fact that other passionate people seem to be doing a better job of covering Screenshot Saturday now via Twitter alone…the list does go on for a bit.

And so, after this week’s edition and a little something special next week, Screenshot Saturday will disappear for now. But I do stress the “hiatus” part of all of this, though. It’s entirely possible me or another HG writer will bring back Screenshot Saturday when the time is right, or maybe we’ll come up with a new approach, or a new yet similar feature of some kind. One way or another, we will find some way to make sure impressive upcoming indie titles can get the attention they deserve. So this is NOT a goodbye.

Besides, we still have at least the edition here to get through first! So let’s look at a lovely crop of games from the last month, at least one more (normal) time…

Wytchwood- Role reversals and possible villain protagonists aren’t anything new, but still, a game where you play as the witch in a storybook world and craft concoctions to potentially mess with whoever you feel like seems like a unique hook. And of course, it certainly helps that the game is being wrapped up in a package as visually appealing as this, so it’ll be hopefully hard to miss.

Astria Ascending- This epic upcoming JRPG from a team composed of veterans from the likes of Final Fantasy games and others immediately grabs your attention thanks to its stunning art style, inviting world, and impressive cast, including these demigods that were indeed once ordinary people…well, ordinary by JRPG standards, seeing as how a bunch of different races of fantasy creatures are present. Hey, it said it said they were people, not necessarily humans…

Haste- We aren’t exactly lacking in card battlers these days, but we don’t really have many that take place in real time, which gives this game a nice edge, especially when combined with its colorful style. Real time means having to make quick, snap decisions when it comes to figuring out a strategy, though…although you can always buy some time with a giant ice wall or two.

Severed Steel- I mean, when you put one of those thin, clear, futuristic computer monitors in a fast-paced FPS game, it’s a given that there’s going to be a moment where somebody goes crashing through one. And as expected, it certainly appears to be quite satisfying when you break on through in order to shoot a few enemies in the head.

Sea of Stars- It certainly seems like you’ll end up going out of your way just to uncover some mushrooms. But then again, this is an RPG that looks like it’ll have some absolutely dazzling scenery, so you’ll want to get a good view of everything, be it nooks, crannies, or whole ocean views. Plus, maybe those mushrooms just taste really darn good!

UNSIGHTED- I could talk a lot about the game in question here, but honestly, all I can think of right now is “Damn, that is some frigging amazing hookshot action indeed.” But it is this type of fast-paced and intense gameplay that easily leads to an incredibly fun game, so even just this one piece of hookshot combat alone might be enough to sell people on the game.

Lila’s Sky Ark- I certainly wasn’t expecting Monolith of Minds to come up with a prequel to Resolutiion, but here we are. It looks like another Zelda-esque adventure, but definitely seems a lot more colorful and light-hearted than their previous work…on the surface, anyway. Still, it is indeed quite the dazzling surface, as seen with the pixel art here.

RUN: The World In-Between- Making a fast, tough-as-nails, 2D platformer such as this with randomly generated levels can lead to a potential backfire, as games like Super Meat Boy Forever learned the hard way. But bits like this still show a huge amount of promise, be it with the impressive style or quick action. So definitely one that’s earned its place on the radar.

Firegirl- Okay, I’m tempted to just make a “Captain Obvious” joke here, since they’re right in front of an inferno that’s already claimed City Hall, but I am curious to see what the story is that led to this fire in the first place. From what I could find, it does involve living fire monsters, which should at least make for some interesting enemies in this platformer.

Beacon Pines- Well, to be fair, sometimes the direct approach is always the best approach. Not the best in this case, mind you, but you can’t blame Rolo for trying. Assuming he even makes it to this part, though, as that’s all up to you and the words you choose…