SCUF Introduces Vantage Performance Controller for PS4

Today on the PlayStation Blog it was announced that SCUF Gaming will be releasing an officially-licensed controller, SCUF Vantage, built from the ground up for PS4. For anyone on the competitive gaming scene this controller was made with you in mind or if just looking for that extra performance in precision and flexibility in playstyle.

Below are all of Vantage’s unique features which will provide players with the configuration and personalization they want out of their controller:

  • Side-mounted right and left ‘Sax’ buttons – designed to fit the natural placement of a player’s fingers and provide additional configurability
  • Removable faceplate – makes it easy to change thumb sticks & personalize the controller
  • Advanced audio control for wired connection – a simple swipe of the audio touch bar adjusts the volume while players can keep their hands on the controller
  • Removable vibration modules – players can reduce the weight of the controller and lessen hand fatigue

The SCUF Vantage was designed with an ergonomic shape easing up hand movements to gain advantages, making it easier for players to customize the controller to whatever preferences one might have.

The Vantage will launch in the U.S. in late summer this year and is available for pre-order at Scuf’s website or GameStop, either the wired-only (USB) model for 169.95 USD or a wireless (Bluetooth)/wired (USB) model for 199.95 USD. Both models include a suite of interchangeable pars and high-speed braided micro-USB cable, while the wireless/wired model also includes a protection travel case. If itching for an upgrade on your controller, this may be for you.