Sea Monsters and Town Revival in Moonglow Bay Gameplay Trailer

It’s not that entropy is a vicious beast tearing down all of creation, but rather a thin layer of dust getting progressively thicker over the years.  The seaside village of Moonglow Bay has been in decline for a very long time, slowly losing its shine as the fishing trade dried up due to rumors of sea monsters in its waters.  The town kept going but sinking docks and trash-covered beaches just don’t have that seaside-rustic charm that brings in the tourist money.  While the town isn’t dead yet it’s just about there, but at least one resident isn’t ready to give up on the place.  It’s not easy to run a fishing boat and a store, but if Moonglow Bay’s sea can start providing again maybe there’s hope for the place after all.

Moonglow Bay is a slice-of-life fishing RPG where you need to revive a dying town and discover the ocean’s secrets.  It promises a good number of systems to play with, from fishing and cooking to running errands for the townspeople, and of course stocking the local museum with an example of every fish in the sea.  The relaxed day-to-day life eventually unfolds into multiple storylines, with the town reviving and the ocean’s secrets rising up from the shadowy depths.  The new gameplay trailer shows off Moonglow Bay and its inhabitants in all their voxelized charm, plus provides a hint of the dangers hiding under the water.  There’s something out there but maybe the town and sea creatures can learn to live with each other and bring Moonglow Bay back to life.