NBA 2K22 Season 2 Launching This Week

2K has announced that its Season 2 content will be releasing Friday for NBA 2K22. This will be the update that introduces First Fridays as part of the partnership with Columbia Records for releasing new tracks for the soundtrack in the game. Titled “Build Your Empire,” Season 2 will bring new content across modes in NBA 2K22. These are mainly new rewards including a mascot outfit in MyCAREER that can be unlocked at level 40. MyTEAM will allow for a level 1 free agent Michael Jordan card that can guide your team to the ultimate payoff with the level 40 Pink Kevin Garnett.

Check out the full Courtside Report here and the updates below:

  • MyCAREER additions include new rewards, special Themed Mascot Outfit as a level 40 reward, Rebirth unlockable as a Quest reward, cosmetic fall updates, and events and apparel;
  • MyTEAM additions include Seasonal Player Reward Cards, such as a Level 1 Free Agent Michael Jordan that will lead players’ starting lineups or reach Level 40 to gain a Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett. MyTEAM also introduces new NBA 75 Domination Tier and Series I Cards and the first-ever Player Coach Cards as a reward for completing each tier in the NBA 75 Domination Tier, along with new challenges, agendas, and more;
  • The W* additions include a new Seasonal Clothing Bundle, 2K Breakthrough Gear, and more. Players can also make the most of their contacts, with chances to connect with legends Rebecca Lobo and former WNBA player turned WNBA coach Teresa Weatherspoon, to grow their games to take on grueling competition and accumulate more exciting rewards;
  • ‘First Fridays’ debuts with a soundtrack update curated by Columbia Records that will feature artists 24kGoldn, Cochise, and SSGKobe, along with several other artists from Columbia’s roster. Even more music will be added to the soundtrack every Friday throughout the Season and each future soundtrack update will feature a mix of high-profile and up-and-coming artists to support music discovery and growth in the game.