Season One of Diablo III Ending Today

Season one of the Diablo III competitive ladder drew to a close today in North America.

For those who participated in the game’s inaugural season, all heroes, gold, loot, paragon experience, blood shards, artisan progress, shard stash spac, and other rewards were converted and combined with non-seasonal modes. Since stash space is limited, items such as weapons and armor are to be retrieved via the in-game mail system. All players have been given 30 days from the time of their next character login to claim their loot. Leaderboards and conquests will, of course, remain viewable through the in-game profile.

The start of season two has been scheduled for Friday, February 13 across all regions. Players can expect to see new legendary items, transmogrifications, conquests and more when they create and level a seasonal hero. Existing legendaries have also been improved by way of added effects and implemented as season two exclusives.

Unfortunately for all you console players, there’s still no plan to bring seasons to your platform of choice; it remains a PC exclusive.