Secret Bases to Return in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

One of the greatest and most fun features of Ruby and Sapphire makes a comeback. Secret bases were like a home away from home for Pokémon trainers. You could pick from a variety of locations to set up camp and place dolls or furniture all around. Players could battle with each other to earn experience every day. It’s something we’ve been waiting for ever since generation III, and now it’s back.

This time you can truly make it customizable. It will now become a cross between secret bases and the underground feature from Diamond and Pearl. You can place mazes and set traps on the floor to practically create your own Pokémon Gym. Inside, visitors can battle and earn special upgrades to help them with their journey. Gaining visitors via StreetPass or QR Codes allows for easier access to bases and earn them the title of Secret Pals. Your Secret Pals will be able to trade decorations, hatch eggs faster and even level up a Pokémon by one. There’s also a return of capture the flag which gives Pals higher rankings yielding better benefits to those upgrades.

It’s exciting for Secret Bases to make their return and we’re hoping more features from the past will come up. Check out some of the fun below: