Secretlab Introduces New Magnus Pro Standing Desk

One of the leading gaming chair manufacturers in the world released a gaming desk, something that seemed like the natural next step. Well, Secret Lab is far from done revolutionizing what a gaming desk is. Today comes with the announcement of the brand new Magnus Pro, the company’s first sit-to-stand desk with everything you could hope for in your gaming setup.

While the Magnus was a solid, metal gaming desk, there were things in it that the company wanted to enhance. By far the biggest is that the pro is now a fully-functioning sit-to-stand desk, with an integrated control panel that you never will have to worry about bumping into. You’re able to adjust the height anywhere between 650mm to 120mm.

It also includes a well-integrated cable management slot that will ensure you’ll barely see anything coming out the sides or back of the desk. It goes straight into the RGB slot in the back, which also features the world’s first integrated power solution (essentially a built in power strip).

Not only that, but it also has accessories such as magnetic cable anchors, a headphone hanger, a PC mount and single/dual monitor arm support. The desk is also can hold upwards of 120kg and the motor is said to be good for over 10,000 cycles.