Seduce Me Is a Visual Novel Featuring Incubi and a Whole Bunch of Endings

Don’t let its name fool you, Seduce Me (an Otome romantic comedy visual novel from Seraphim Entertainment) is much more complex than a title like “Seduce Me” would have you believe. With its nine romance paths and 22 distinct endings, it’s a veritable web of mystery, matchstick passions and five dudes yearning to devour a young woman’s sexual energy. Oh, did I forget to mention that your potential partners are demons? Yeah, this most certainly isn’t your run-of-the-mill softcore click-fest.

In Seduce Me, a highschooler named Mika Anderson inherits her grandma’s estate (a big, lavish and conveniently tax-free estate). Shortly after moving in, she comes across a group of pretty men who’ve no doubt been assaulted by Roman Catholic clergymen; you know, because they’re incubi. From that point forward, the game stumbles through the trials and tribulations of dating one or multiple monsters of the fiery below, and how things wrap up is entirely dependent on your choices.

Seduce Me is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight, and a demo is available (we’ve played it, you should too). Also, it’s free-to-play with full English voice acting so the only excuse for not voting is having had lost a family member to the dark desires of a sex demon.