SEGA AGES Switch Lineup Gains Virtua Racing, Wonder Boy: Monster Land

The SEGA AGES line has generally always stood for top-quality releases. In the Sega Saturn days, it was used for an international compilation of arcade-perfect releases of some of the company’s greatest games, while Japan saw definitive releases with a bit more content. In more modern times, the 3DS has played host to the best portable incarnations of games ever made. Now, with the Switch being both a portable and home console, the line has allowed for top-shelf releases from Sega’s legendary lineup, with two new games joining it today.

Wonder Boy: Monster Land and Virtua Racing are now available on the Nintendo Switch at a cost of only $7.99 apiece. Wonder Boy offers up a vintage side-scrolling adventure that may have a slower pace than people are used to now, but is still very enjoyable. It’s got a heavy trial and error basis to it and you need to learn patterns for both your own attacks and enemies to excel. Virtua Racing was the first Virtua-branded game and laid the foundation for the technology that wasn’t just used for Virtua Racing, but its DNA is clearly felt in Daytona USA – which is basically the generation-ahead version of Virtua Racing despite very little time passing between both games.

This is the first time both games have been available on a single device in a fully-revamped form. On Switch, we have seen the best possible version of Phantasy Star with some major upgrades to quality of life, and we’re seeing similar things with Wonder Boy getting some upgrades and Virtua Racing getting a complete graphical rebuild and a doubling of its framerate. If anyone has ever wanted to play either game, this is the best way to do it. If you’re only picking one, then Virtua Racing may be the best way to go, but if you’ve loved the Monster Boy and Wonder Boy games on Switch so far, then you’ll enjoy that and you can’t go wrong with either game.