SEGA Dreamcast Turns 15 And Is Still Thinking


That was the date when the SEGA Dreamcast was launched in North America with monster success, and at that point it was one of the most successful console launches in North American history. Of course that record has long been broken, but the mark that the system left on the industry and gamers will always be remembered. From bringing mainstream online gaming to consoles to other cool innovations in games like Seaman and Shenmue, the Dreamcast has a lot to be proud of.

It was also SEGA’s final foray into the console hardware business, and while the company has since moved on to software development, the Dreamcast still thrives in some form thanks to a passionate fan base. In 2014 alone games like NEO XYX were released for the system in proper packaged form, and games like Pier Solar and Ghost Blade are soon going to be released for the system. It’s been 15 years and despite everything the system still holds a special place in the gaming community.

The dream lives on.