Sekai Project Unveils Host of New Titles at Anime Expo 2015

Sekai Project hosted a panel at Anime Expo 2015 which revealed upcoming visual novels, as well as a few release windows for those fans have been waiting for. Here’s the full list of announcements, along with trailers when applicable.

First was The Devil on G-String (G-senjou no Maou). It’s planned to hit Steam this summer, though they’ll have more information once Otakon rolls around.

The next surprise reveal was time-travelling tale Chrono Clock. Although the game itself is 18+, the video isn’t, so you can feel safe watching it wherever. Because there is no all-ages release, it probably won’t ever grace Steam.

Root Double -Before Crime *After Days– Xtend Edition- was actually leaked shortly before the panel began. In any case, Sekai Project shared that there would be more information “arriving soon.”

Last but not least on the new game front was Narcissu 3 being announced for western release. Not only that, but 1 & 2 will be remade as well. The first two are already available on Steam for free.

With all those new announcements out of the way, here’s just a bit more about the other games discussed. World End Economica Episode.02 is coming out later this July on Steam! Sekai Project also formally showcased Sunrider: Liberation Day though they still have no release time frame for Love in Space’s newest title.