Sequel to Bravely Default Announced for the 3DS

Bravely Default is the hot new JRPG from Silicon Studio, creators of 3D Dot Game Heroes, but even before it’s released in the West, a sequel has been announced under the title Bravely Second. This isn’t a huge surprise considering trademarks were found earlier this year that alluded to multiple sequels for the franchise.

Bravely Default was originally released last year in the East on the 3DS, but it’s receiving an updated version in the next few days for Japan, Europe and Australia. Unfortunately, North Americans will have to wait until February 7 before we get our hands on the first installment, but don’t expect the sequel, Bravely Second, to come anytime soon. If anything, Nintendo is testing the demand to possibly figure out if the sequel will be worth localizing. No date has been given for the Japan release yet.