Shadowrun: Hong Kong Enters its Final 72 Hours, Reveals New Funding Goals

With just under three days left in Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the developers have taken to discussing a few milestone moments and various updates on their progress. Thus far Shadowrun: HK’s campaign has been a giant success, blowing away the studio’s original $100,000 target goal. Because they are now on their way to achieving the $1,000,000 funding goal, they are opening up a trio of new backer rewards, just to sweeten the pot for those who may have been on the fence about supporting the project.

The new goals include a $35, $65, and $100 reward level, and seem to be particularly aimed at accomodating those who are not into the tabletop game. Prior to announcing these, the various pledge tiers were tailored made for folks who love the pen-and-paper RPG. But, knowing that not everyone is into tabletop gaming, Harebrained is giving incentive to those who still want the game, just would also dig non-TRPG rewards. So these rewards, then, include additions such as audio commentaries, posters, soundtracks, exclusive in-game character portraits, an e-novel and more. For a look at everything, head over to their Kickstarter.