Shadowrun Hong Kong Kickstarter Goes Live, Has already Met Goal

Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun games have been smash hits. We talked highly of both games in fact, and particularly loved the Director’s Cut version of Returns’ sequel, Shadowrun: Dragonfall. It would seem a lot of other people felt the same as we did, ultimately prompting the developer to return to the world for indeed a third entry. A leak for the Hong Kong standalone game first showed up on social media last week, followed shortly by a confirmation from Harebrained themselves. When they officially spoke on the project, they also revealed that they were returning to Kickstarter, the source of funding for the very first entry. And it would seem that folks are more than happy to throw their money at them.

While the game’s Kickstarter just launched a few hours ago, it’s already skyrocketed past its initial goal, and is pushing on to reach the $300,000 mark, surely forcing Harebrained to start outlining further stretch goals, as 300k was the last of their original stretch goals posted on the game’s page. With the project having 34 more funding days remaining, it will be interesting to see what Harebrained comes up with for more milestones — we’d specifically love to see a port to Xbox One and PS4, or even some kind of multiplayer component. But at this point, we’re just glad they’re revisiting the wonderful, cyberpunk-meets-magic world of Shadowrun.

For those wondering, Hong Kong is a standalone game that is set to feature a 12+ hour, non-linear campaign and incorporate all the great components on display in the first two games, in addition to implementing a brand new story and cast of characters. We suspect that more features will be added as the game continues to amass funds, too; and since the developers are not bringing this new installment to mobile devices like they had with Returns and Dragonfall, we can now expect greater graphical fidelity, bigger maps and more on-screen goodness.

So, to get a look at how the project is faring, head on over to its Kickstarter page and toss some cash Harebrained’s way; they certainly deserve it, as they’ve single-handedly resurrected a franchise that was kind of on life support, or at the very least, not as popular as it once was.