Shantae and the Seven Sirens Warming Up With Release Date Trailer

There aren’t a lot of game series that are older than its star but Shantae is pretty close by now.  It’s been going for eighteen years and counting, and while Shantae doesn’t seem to have her age definitively pinned down the age of the series and the character seem roughly identical.  That’s a long time for a half-genie to be dancing through a succession of adventure platformers, and while the series age may make it seem like she’s been in endless titles this newest one is only the fifth.  Despite being spread out over the years that’s still a solid number of outings, so for the latest one Shantae tries to go on vacation.  It’s a good plan, as these things go, but not one that’s going to result in a week’s relaxation on the beach.  Instead she finds a group of half-genie friends, new transformations and dance moves, and a good number of collectible cards that augment Shantae’s abilities, all scattered throughout the giant interconnected levels.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens is scheduled to come out May 28 on digital, with a physical print run at an unannounced point from long-time friends of Wayforward, Limited Run Games.  That’s a good two months off but for right this moment there’s a new teaser trailer to ease the wait.