Sheepo Starts Cataloging Creatures for Consoles on October 20

Top Hat Studios’ pacifist metroidvania: Sheepo, will be touching down on consoles near the end of October. This is more or less the same version of the game that’s currently available on PC via Steam, so there’s no DLC bundling or anything going on here. That said, there is cross-buy available for Sheepo, so those who pick it up for PS4 or Xbox One will be able to get it on the current generation successors free of charge.

Sheepo takes the non-linear, exploration stylings and puts them into a purely discovery-oriented scenario. As the game’s sheep-alien zoologist with shapeshifting powers, the goal is not to seek out and destroy the planet’s baddest, nastiest creatures. Instead, the goal is to catalog and collect individuals in order to save them from extinction. See, the system’s sun is about to go supernova, and there’s precious little time to get the job done. Fortunately, this scientist can take on the form of any creature they encounter and use its abilities to navigate planet Cebron’s exceedingly tough terrain.  Are they good enough to get the job done in a day though?

Sheepo is available now for PC via Steam, and it launches on October 20 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Switch.