Shellendorf Institute is a New Stage Coming for Splatoon 2

While this isn’t part of the Nintendo Direct Mini announcements, a new Splatoon 2 stage has been officially revealed. The Shellendorf Institute has been teased in past videosĀ  but it’s finally available today. This means it could likely be used during this weekend’s Splatfest event!

This location is a museum filled with various exhibits. Kids and squids venture here on many field trips in hopes of instilling knowledge unto young minds. The remains of ancient creatures can be viewed along with other historic finds. Of course, priceless artifacts on display makes this the perfect place for some Turf War action. There are Ink Rails to travel along and openings on the above walkway so you can surprise enemies with a Splashdown.

Discover the wonders awaiting in Shellendorf Institute for yourself! Images are posted below but you’ll get to play around the stage before the end of the day.