Shining Resonance New Gameplay Videos Show Off More Combat and Exploration

If we’ve said it before, we’ve said it a thousand times: Sega hates the West. We say this because it would seem that they refuse to bring their biggest titles to international audiences these days, what with games like PSO 2, Phantasy Star Nova, Hero Bank, Yakuza, and their upcoming Shining installment all missing western localizations. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped us from keeping up on what they’re releasing out East. One of the games we’ve been keeping an eye on is Shining Resonance, the next game in the longstanding RPG franchise.

While the game has been somewhat shrouded in mystery, today Sega pulled the curtain back and showed us another round of new gameplay videos. The segments show off exploration and combat, emphasizing the seamless transitions between travel and battling, as well as boss battles. So take a look at what the game has to offer in the video below.