Shinobi Movie in the Works

Reports surfaced today that a Shinobi movie is in development with producer Marc Platt from movies such as Scott Pilgrim vs The World , Wanted and Bridge of Spies at the helm. This movie based on the Sega property will likely focus on series protagonist, Joe Musashi, as he transforms from a weak young boy into one of the deadliest assassins ever. Marc Platt is working with Sega and Stories International to bring this game to life on the big screen.

Shinobi’s debut was in the arcade in 1987 as an action-platformer game like Ninja Gaiden and like Ninja Gaiden evolving into a character-action game over the years with over a dozen entries over the decades with its last release Shinobi 3D releasing for the Nintendo DS back in 2011.

Source: Collider