Shovel Knight Showdown Offers More Combat Details

Shovel Knight is quite possibly the most successful crowdfunded video game of all time. The game has some spin-off content with other character but now it’s time for something entirely different. Shovel Knight Showdown is fighting game featuring those characters and today we’ve gotten more details on some of its aspects.

Yacht Club Games has posted further explanations about combat for the upcoming title. Movement will remain relatively the same with a platforming and side-scrolling style, but we can expect some changes. Everyone starts with the same amount of health.

If you get hit your character will flash and remain invulnerable for a short period but if you land a hit while in this form then it immediately goes away. But fear not, you can always perform a parry to block which can knock the opponent back.

Check out even more information on the official website. Shovel Knight Showdown will launch in December, so get ready!