Showing Off the Creative Process With My Friend Pedro’s Cave Crawl

The problem with only seeing the final version of most things is that it’s easy to think that was the creator’s vision.  The icky truth is that, in most cases and for that matter most media, creativity is more often about following a path to see where it leads than wresting a concept from the unknown Void and polishing it up for release.  Case in point is the track Crave Crawl from My Friend Pedro, which got a making-of video released today by musician Navie D.  You can (and should) listen to the full version right here, because it’s an excellent track of ominous momentum, but its creation is a great illustration of why this process usually isn’t shared.

That’s not a put-down, of course, because 99% of anything you or I have ever loved has gone through exactly the same process.  Music, like video games, tends to start with an interesting idea that gets iterated on endlessly until it’s good enough to show, with each new pass either adding to the final result or pulled out because it was a good idea in theory.  The video below only shows the addition of elements, but each one gets tweaked and experimented with until the three-note starting rhythm turns into a full song.  Despite the entertainingly snide narration this is how things get made, albeit without the benefit of editing to trim the time down to a manageable level.  Complicated things come from taking a simple idea and playing with it to see what it might become, and Cave Crawl is a great example of how a mix of talent and experience guide the path to the final result.