Shredding the Underworld in Skate Story Teaser Trailer

There are a lot of things to do in the underworld, if mythology is any indication.  Get rescued by an idiot who can’t avoid looking back despite the unlikeliness of ghosts making footsteps, try to grow a third hand to scritch all three doggy heads at once, or maybe nibble on a few pomegranate seeds.  Generally, though, the underworld is a place of either rest or torment, depending on the life lived before ending up there.  It’s not really considered a skater’s playground but seeing as this one is under New York City then maybe it makes a kind of sense.

Skate Story is that rare game that sees the halls of the dead as the perfect place to bust out a few tricks.  A silver rider decked out in a scarf and funky black sneakers rides his board down the paths of… whatever afterlife he’s in, hopping and occasionally tricking over the uneven ground.  I actually got to play this back at PAX East early this year, when more than two people could be in the same place at the same time, and thoroughly enjoyed Skate Story’s incredible style.  The game starts out simple and slowly grows as you play, but all the moves are open from the start if you can figure them out.  Ride the path to the exit, head straight through the door, and a new area scrolls on ahead.   Trick through it all or just survive, but the point is the journey and style is something that happens along the way.

Skate Story is still a ways off but released a teaser trailer today.  I can’t say I remember it sounding like that but the volume of PAX East means it very well might have, and I just missed a fantastic audioscape.  Give it a look and especially a listen below, and get ready to show the underworld what kind of use the halls of the dead can be put to.