Side-Scrolling Pikmin Title Coming to 3DS

In one of the more surprising announcements during today’s Nintendo Direct, a new Pikmin title was announced for the Nintendo 3DS. However for those hoping or otherwise expecting the series’ staple of RTS gameplay will be coming over to Nintendo’s handheld will have to think again. Following on from fellow niche IP’s like Chibi Robo, the 3DS outing for the series will — from the gameplay shown — come in the form of a pseudo-3D, side-scrolling platformer.

Along with the series’ focus on strategising the use of Pikmin to solve navigational puzzles and even collect optional treasure, it appears the game will also feature boss battles in the form of more larger and possibly nightmarish creatures to take down. Other than a 2017 date, no specific release date has so far been given for the as-yet-untitled Pikmin game — neither confirming nor denying if this is indeed the alleged forth mainline game in the series currently in development.