Side-Scrolling Shooter Gigantic Army Coming on February 5th

Do titles like Cybernator, Mech Warrior, or Front Mission: Gun Hazard get your nostalgia meter kicking into high gear? The Super Nintendo/Genesis era was one of the best for lovers of side-scrolling shooters. In the current day, it seems doujin (indie) developers are the ones keeping the genre alive.

Publisher Nyu Media has been on the forefront of bringing Japanese doujin to English-speaking gamers and just announced the newest game in their lineup. Called GIGANTIC ARMY, this shooter hearkens back to the 16-bit days with retro-style graphics, customizable loadouts for your mech, and a dozen bosses.

GIGANTIC ARMY will cost $5.99 when it launches on February 5th via Desura, GamersGate, Nyu Media and Rice Digital. Unfortunately, a Steam isn’t part of the equation – yet. If shooters with awesome mechs are your thing then consider voting for the game on Steam Greenlight.