Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories No Longer Coming to PS Vita

Silent Hill fans and PS Vita owners were excited a few weeks ago when Konami announced that Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories would be released for PS Vita via PSN. As the games were supposed to release today and didn’t, however, it’s become clear that the PS Vita announcement was a mistake on Konami’s part. The original Konami blog announcement title has been changed from “Two Silent Hill titles head to PlayStation┬«Vita!” to “Two Silent Hill titles head to the PlayStation Network!” Additionally, even though Konami UK tweeted out “#SilentHill Origins & Shattered Memories are coming to PS Vita!” they followed-up today stating “Regretfully the games aren’t available on PlayStation Vita we’re afraid. If this changes however, we will let you know!”

The final nail in the coffin was PlayStation Blog’s Jawad Ashraf confirming that the releases were PSP only a few hours ago:

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 1.33.38 PM

We’re not sure how exactly this incorrect information was allowed to erroneously exist for so long and whether it’s an error resulting from a mistake from Sony or Konami, but what’s done is done. Hopefully nobody bought the game thinking they could play it on PS Vita, or else there may still be some fallout to come.

10 thoughts on “Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories No Longer Coming to PS Vita

  1. Having bought both titles as every press release and website said that it would work, I can’t help but feel more than a little irritated at this point.

      • If Kojima Studios could run without needing Konami to publish his titles, would it be possible that MGS could exist without Konami, or does Konami own the series?

      • Yup, been lost it since After SH 4. Although 1-3 had the best story. And Metal Gear Solid is going straight desert again it seems, 2 deserts in a row, 4 and 5.
        They should have made a snake eater type environment, or buildings like MGS 1-2. Atlus is the only guys sticking to their core (persona series)

    • I agree with you. Assholes got my hopes up, yet again. They are sliding right in next to Capcom on my shit list..

      Why would they bother supporting the PSP any more is beyond me. Sure, there’s more of them out there than the Vita, but let’s be real.. There’s a ton more potential on the Vita. They could actually polish the games up quite a bit and have room to spare considering the differences between the PSP and Vita are so great. They have a lot more power to work with and more freedom with the Vita.. Sounds like they are just getting extremely lazy.

  2. If you buy the games and hook the Vita to the PS3 and copy the download files to the Vita and install they work. Just saying. I did this I have BOTH titles on my Vita and have had them since Decemeber. I was shocked to see this article. They’ve been on PSN as psp downloads for months o.O ! If I’m lying I’m dying. But seriously do what I just suggested. I also did this with the psp version of Little Big Planet. Just buy them and plug the Vita to the console and then transfer the game install over. Quit bitching just because you can’t buy it straight from the Vita.

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