Sims 4 Receives New Careers, Holiday Celebration and More

If you’re a hardcore Sims fan, you’ve probably had The Sims 4 uninstalled for some time now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible game, it’s just devoid of content, unpolished and a dab boring. Thankfully, EA’s been listening to fans and critics alike, and with pools, ghosts and Star Wars behind them (or, the Mad Libs update), a new content patch is now available to download for free.

This time around, it’s all about business and the holidays.

The two new career paths include a climb through the corporate ladder as an Angel Investor or Business Tycoon, and the life of a professional athlete as either a Hall of Famer or Mr./Ms. Solar System. The paths include new reward objectives, outfits and interactions. The Holiday Celebration Pack adds a plethora of new objects (wreath, wall decorations, holiday snowman, etc.), and new holiday sweaters for your Sims to pretend to like during the festive season.

For the full patch list (it’s really long), click these words right here. There’s certainly more to come, and while this isn’t reason enough to load The Sims 4 again, it’s an effort with some serious weight — especially for fans who’ve struggled coming to terms with the games glaring lack of content.