Sitdown OutRun Cabinet Coming from Arcade 1UP

Yu Suzuki’s OutRun was one of the arcade’s finest driving experiences and its branching paths have kept it fresh over 30 years later. Arcade 1UP has announced a new sitdown cabinet with not only that classic on there, but also Yu Suzuki’s Power Drift, Turbo OutRun, and OutRunners. This marks the first time that the latter three games have received arcade-perfect releases in North America and the first time a sitdown cabinet with any of these games available has been made for the home market.

The cool thing with this is if you want, it can just be on a riser as a standup unit – but the best way to play this classic is with a sitdown cabinet to better replicate the arcade feel. With a $500 price tag, it’s a bit hefty – but it will ship in early December and would be perfect for the OutRun arcade lover in your household. Both OutRunners and Turbo OutRun are really underrated too and offer a lot of their own style of thrills – with Turbo OutRun in particular being a lot of fun and a different way to enjoy the franchise.