Six Flags Theme Parks Welcomes Pokémon GO Fans

With every company in the world seemingly hopping onto the Pokémon GO craze, there is really no way of escaping it. While many show off their support and fandom for the latest mobile game, Six Flags has kicked it up a notch. The theme parks are scattered across North America and makes for prime hunting ground for fans to find Pokéstops, gyms, and wild Pokémon.

Many locations have even offered to create Pokémon GO guides for guests which can be found on their websites. The most common advice involves keeping your belongings and person safe. Do not try catching Pokémon while on the rides or attempt to access restricted areas, these can lead you to being banned from the park. Watch where you are walking at all times, Six Flags parks are very populated especially during these summer months. And be sure to wear sunscreen and other forms of protection to keep the harsh sunlight away.

There are some helpful tips to make the most of your visit. Charge up your battery, make sure the app has installed the latest update and try turning the AR vision off when not taking a photo shoot. Individual websites have even provided lists of where you can go for gyms and Pokéstops. Search for items around V2 at Discovery Kingdom. Battle Pokémon in Gotham City at Six Flags Over Georgia. Search for Gastly near Ghost Train Crossing at Great America. Face a gym leader while waiting in line for Apocalpyse at Six Flags America. Watch the waters of Shark Attack in Six Flags New England. Battle the boss at the entrance of The Boss in Six Flags St. Louis. Grab some items before you conquer Kingda Ka at Great Adventure. Make a pit stop before boarding Comet at Great Escape. Face some tough opponents at the New Texas Giant in Six Flags Over Texas.

At the time of publishing this article, there is a special deal going for guests visiting Six Flags Great Adventure. According to the park’s Facebook page, there will be a special discount when entering the special promotion code to purchase online tickets (check your local park’s for similar offers). You will gain access for just under $30 which is quite a deal. Great Adventure is actually hosting a special Pokémon GO day on Saturday, July 16 and the following week on July 23. They will even be supplying Pokéstops with Lure Modules for trainers to gain so many more goodies and maybe have fun giveaways. You can catch a few rides and Pokémon all in the same day. Plus, you could meet Bugs Bunny and his bug buddy!