Ska Studios Testing the Sony Waters with Salt and Sanctuary

Ska Studios has been a Microsoft holdout for years, releasing their output exclusively on the Xbox 360 while the rest of the indie crowd slowly wandered away.  Microsoft was always good to them, so their loyalty wasn’t any kind of stubbornness or blind console favoritism, but with the XBox One not supporting their preferred programming environment and Sony sending them love letters (plus Pub Fund support) it’s time to look at alternatives.  The result is that Ska Studios’ new game, Salt and Sanctuary, will be a launch-exclusive game for the PS4 and Vita.

Salt and Sanctuary will be an action/RPG platformer that takes a lot of influence from the Dark/Demons’ Souls games.  The side-scrolling action is dictated by player loadout, with different weapons defining the kind of character you’ll play.  Weapons can be wielded single handed to allow a shield or projectile weapon in the other, or dual-handed for extra power.  The type of weapon will also effect the speed of everything you do, from dodge roll to stamina regen to hang time during a jump attack.  A player build focusing on magic will play very differently from one using a one-handed sword with secondary crossbow, or even the same sword with a shield.

Salt and Sanctuary is being shown off at PAX Prime, and while we can’t completely promise hands-on coverage of the 2D hand-drawn Castlevania/Dark Souls mashup as filtered through the unique sensibilities of James and Michelle Silva, it won’t be for lack of interest.  We’ll have more on this one if at all possible.