SKT T1 Win the LCK Grand Finals

In a rematch of the World Finals vs. Rox, formerly Koo, Tigers SKT wins yet another LCK Final to book a ticket to MSI.

I know what you’re thinking, SKT winning isn’t anything new. They’ve never lost an LCK final they’ve been in and they’re the reigning champion in just about every tournament in the world, but this year the group really had to work to get it and weren’t necessarily the favorites going in.

The Rox Tigers have dominated this split in the LCK. They locked in the number one spot and used their amazing macro game to demolish any team that they were up against. Meanwhile SKT dropped all the way down to seventh place and had a few problems with their subs making their mark on the stage. Eventually, they ended up parting ways with Scout and played Blank throughout IEM and the second round robin as their starting jungler.

So, after having to play through the gauntlet they once again made their way to the finals and had to take on Rox Tigers on the same patch that they’ve been dominating on. While the fans believed SKT was going to win, players and American casters chose Rox Tigers to win. You can’t blame them for thinking that either consider after SKT finished their interview and took home the trophy, the entire roster for the Rox Tigers took home awards for the highest KDA in their respective positions and their Top Laner, Smeb, won MVP for the regular season.

Now, the series went to SKT 3-1, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. The last game in the series went 40+ minutes and hinged on a clutch Baron fight that would have won either team the game. It really was a great series to watch and if you interested in recapping it all because it happened between 3-8 in the morning, you can watch all the games as they’re uploaded here.