Sky Force Coming to PC, Graduates Steam Greenlight

Sky Force 2014 came out on iOS and other mobile marketplaces earlier this year, providing plenty of vertical-scrolling shootiness in a freemium package that we’re pretty fond of here at Hardcore Gamer.  Still, there’s no denying that grinding for stars to afford gun upgrades is a bit wearing, but that’s how free-to-play works so it’s hard to grumble too much about it.  Like all games of this sort, I played it for as long as it held my interest and then, when the choice was between mind-numbing level repetition or spending money on something that couldn’t actually be owned, I moved on.  No harm, no foul, but wouldn’t it be nice if a proper version existed you could just buy and play like a normal shooter?  As it turns out Sky Force Anniversary is coming to PC, and it just got approved through Greenlight to appear on Steam.

Sky Force Anniversary is being completely reworked from its mobile origins, with the playing field changing from portrait to landscape and the grinding toned down to a reasonable level.  It’s still the bright, colorful, methodical shooter it was on mobile, more akin to Raiden than DoDonPachi, but with the ship upgrade prices more fitting to its new format.  It will also support controllers and mouse input, plus have a new user interface to take advantage of this.  Sky Force 2014 was a cool and very pretty shooter on iOS, and it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing how it plays on the big screen.