Slew of NES, SNES Games Coming to Switch Online December 12

Since the debut of SNES games on the Switch Online service a few months ago, we haven’t heard anything about new games hitting the service. Neither NES or SNES fans have been satisfied with that – so thankfully, Nintendo is closing the year out with some good news for Switch Online users. On December 12, the NES side of the ledger gets Journey to Silius and Crystalis – two lesser-known, but highly-regarded games. The SNES side gets Star Fox 2, which only recently got an official release thanks to the SNES Classic alongside Super Punch-Out, and Kirby Super Star.

Kirby Super Star is one of the best mini-game/compilations ever and effectively remakes the first Kirby’s Dream Land game while including a lot of other content – and it’s aged wonderfully over the years. Journey to Silius started life as a Terminator game, but the license for that fell through – so much like when Sunsoft lost the rights to Superman, they just stripped the license and released it under another name. It’s a fantastic side-scrolling action-platformer with graphics far above what was normally seen on the NES.

Crystalis is an isometric action RPG that was completely different from anything SNK would later be known for and still stands out today for that reason. Super Punch-Out is a top-notch boxing game and one that has some of the most timeless pixel art of anything on the SNES, while Star Fox 2 brings the long-lost game to a home console without it being part of a micro console like the SNES Classic. A lot of the work in this game would go on to form things in Star Fox 64 and it’s an interesting piece of history to see on the Switch. Finally, there’s Breath of Fire II – another JRPG on the SNES online service that brings yet another JRPG to the Switch itself. The system isn’t exactly starved for them, but with its 3/4 overhead battle system, there’s nothing quite like the Breath of Fire series on the platform outside of the SNES Online area. All of these games hit the service on December 12.