‘Slight Delay’ Hits Life Is Strange: Before the Storm macOS, Linux Port

The launch of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm on macOS and Linux has been delayed, Feral Interactive today revealed.

Taking to Twitter, the publisher responded to a user’s question asking why the Before the Storm port had not been released in its spring 2018 window.

“There has been a slight delay!” Feral tweeted. “We’ll have more news soon.”

Feral and Square Enix made the announcement in March that Deck Nine’s acclaimed Life Is Strange prequel would be ported for macOS and Linux.

The forthcoming port is Before the Storm’s Deluxe Edition, which includes all three episodes — Episode 1: Awake, Episode 2: Brave New World and Episode 3: Hell is Empty — and the fourth bonus episode, Farewell.

Revealed back at E3 2017, Before the Storm was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Hardcore Gamer awarded Before the Storm a near-perfect score in our review.

Reviewer Jeremy Peeples wrote: “Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is a powerful series that blends in touches of the supernatural while telling a grounded narrative. That’s partially what makes it so powerful — everything in Before the Storm is an event that could happen to someone, and that’s one of the aspects that makes the journey through it even more painful than the main Life Is Strange.”

In other Life Is Strange news, Dontnod Entertainment announced a release date for the first episode of Life Is Strange 2 last week.

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