Smart City Plan Allows PC Players to Build, Manage a Modern City

Ambiera today announced the upcoming building simulator Smart City Plan will be heading to PC.

The player is in full control of managing their modern city and can build all forms of public transports, from trains and trams to buses and subways.

Along with mapping out methods of public transports, players must dictate policies such as taxes and energy and water usage.

Ambiera said it wants the player to have freedom when it comes to creating and managing their city.

And players will be able to do so through a sandbox mode that allows them to place buildings ‘exactly where they need to be.’

The building simulator is available for pre-order from the developer’s website, which is priced at $14.35 (€12.99).

According to Ambiera, pre-ordering the title will allow PC users to receive access to the beta.

The Austria-based developer has confirmed that Smart City Plan will be available on Steam from early 2020.

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